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We Believe In Practical Based Approach And Examine With The Aid Of Using Exercise Instead Of Discussing Theories. The Goal Of Techma Zone Is To Teach Trainees Through Constructing Actual Initiatives That’ll Assist Them To Show Off Their Abilities For Valuable Customers And Employers More Effectively.

Techma Zone

Applied Data Science with Machine Learning

Provide complete Practical Exposure of Python and its library for Data Science. Hands on training will be given on Big Data. Aim is to provide Experience on, how Real-World Data Scientist are working in an International Market. This will help trainees to maintain portfolio for their Own Business, Startup and for jobs in a Multi-National Firms.


What Skills Does Our Course Provide

  • Data Cleaning

    Did you know that data scientists spend most of their time cleaning data? Yes, that’s right. Before you can even get to the analysis and the insights, you need to make sure you find, clean, and organize the data.

    Data Discovery Data Structuring Data Cleaning Data Validating Data Visualization Fundamentals

    Jobs that require data cleaning skills average $169K /yr salary per

  • Web Scraping

    Leveraging APIs, powerful libraries such as Beautiful Soup, Selenium and requests HTML increase overall efficiency by simplifying how you retrieve data from different websites. This course on using Python for web scraping is ideal for learning to source and parse data. It’s the perfect addition to your other Python skills. You’ll explore queries and API requests while diving into the awesome power of Beautiful Soup and Selenium.

    Scrape Static Website Scrape Dynamic Website Web APIs

    The growing demand in Python skills is largely due to data science.

  • Data Analysis

    In our Data Analysis and Visualization path, you’ll develop the skills to read and interpret data to identify patterns and trends and gain valuable insights. This path covers Python programming fundamentals, data cleaning and processing, and visualization — as well as manipulation, and reading and interpreting data. After completing our hands-on guided projects and practice problems, you’ll be able to explore and analyze data using common visualization techniques. You’ll also be able to convey insights and tell a story.

    Data Visualization Storytelling Data Visualization Exploratory Data Analysis

    Data analysts average between $68K to $100K per year according to

  • Probability and Statistics

    Transform your resume by adding career skills such as probability and statistics. Our Probability and Statistics with Python Skill Path is the perfect course series for developing your skills in collecting and preparing data. This path introduces the basics of statistical analysis using Python, including sampling, working with variables, and understanding frequency distribution tables.

    Understanding statistics fundamentals Mastering averages, variability, and probability Performing permutation and hypothesis testing

    There are estimated to be more than 11 million new data science jobs by 2026

  • Machine Learning

    Machine learning enables systems to learn and improve without direct instructions from users. This machine learning introduction path is ideal for building your Python skill set from the ground up.

    K-Nearest Neighbors Linear Regression Logistic Regression Decision Tree Random Forest Scalar Vector Machince Cluster Analysis Principal Component Analysis

    Machine learning engineer salaries range between 88K-200K p/year per Glassdoor.

  • SQL Fundamentals

    Chances are, your company stores its data in some form of relational database (almost all companies do). And whether you use Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, or some other form of SQL-based RDBMS, these systems all “speak” a common language: SQL. Our introduction to SQL Fundamentals skill path is the perfect way to expand your knowledge and explore databases in detail. From the basics of writing queries to advanced topics on summarizing data, this course content will build a strong foundation for future learning.

    SQL queries Summarize data with SQL

    SQL developers have an average base salary of $87,325 according to Indeed.

Techma Zone is Data Science institute,

focused on industrial revolution Skills development Courses that are highly in-Demand by Recruiters across the World.

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